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Our products are made with sophisticated techniques along with modern machinery and equipment, in line with the tastes of the US and European markets. With many years of experience in exporting to the US and Europe, we are ready to offer to your company at a reasonable price with high quality standard products





Our indoor Furnitures

Rattan Product   _____________________________Specially made in Vietnam with hand-crafted elegance

Wood product   ______________________________Living room, dining room, bathroom vanity.

Special Product Based on your request ___________We have the team to meet your high standard requirements

Our additional Service

Rendering _________________Our experienced team will provide 3D Product Rendering that will grab customers's attention and make them want to buy.

Photoshooting______________ We have the best time who is a partner with major brands in Vietnam and across the world

Photo Retouching____________Our photo retouching service will transform the ordinary to the Extraordinary with a click of mouse





High quality products

What makes this special:

Hand crafted from Vietnam with our special design

Unique features:

Our rattan, bamboo and wicker furnitures are all hand woven and finished with a process 

that allows the natural texture of the plant to come through.

Special guarantee:

We guarantee standard and quality.



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